Past Matters

  • Improper Use of Trade Secrets Claim

    Case Resolved Quickly And Without Litigation

    Client had left his old employer and opened his own business. His old clients found him and began using his services at his new company. Past employer claimed that client had wrongfully solicited customers by misappropriated trade secret information. We successfully defended the claim before litigation commenced and proved that the client had committed no wrongdoing and had not solicited any of his old customers. Past employer dropped the claim before filing suit.

  • Real State License Defence

    Agent continues to work in his field

    Succesfully defended against license revocation for real estate agent who committed one count of domestic violence against his spouse. The Heritage Law Group, a P.C. succesfully negotiated a restricted license that would allow the real estate agent to continue working in his field.

  • Real Estate Ownership Dispute

    Settled Fairly For Each Owner

    Successfully obtained ownership interest of real property owned by multiples persons but only one person on title and loan. The person on title claimed that he was the sole owner and denied any ownership interest to other parties. The Heritage Law Group, filed suit and at mediation settled the matter with each owner getting their fair share. Property was sold and proceeds were split according to the ownership interest negotiated at settlement.

  • $15 Million Fraud Claim

    Successful Jury Verdict, No Damages

    Represented Defendants against claim of fraud, fraudlent misrepresentation where Plaintiff was seeking damages more than $15 million dollers. Defendant strongly asserted that the case was meritless and that he had done no wrongdoing. Successfully defended case and after long cause jury trial, the jury entered a verdict in favor of Defendant and the Plaintiff was awarded nothing