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When a dispute over real estate threatens to end up in court, turn to The Heritage Law Group's experienced attorneys. Located in San Jose, our legal team has decades of experience successfully litigating real estate conflicts throughout California's Bay Area. Our clients turn to us whenever they are in a disagreement over residential or commercial real estate.

Litigation does not have to be a drain on your time and resources. Whether you are an individual or a business owner, we will draw on our negotiation and litigation skills to find the most positive and cost-effective solution to your problem. In many cases, we are able to resolve claims months earlier than in the average real estate lawsuit — without sacrificing your rights or your negotiating position.

Comprehensive Litigation Support

We are prepared to represent you in all forms of real estate litigation, including:

Real estate lawsuits vary in scope and complexity. The Heritage Law Group's real estate lawyers are seasoned litigators with the resources to handle your dispute. We also provide personalized service tailored to your expectations and needs. We will explain your situation to you in clear language and give you the information you require. Whenever you have a question, your lawyer will only be a phone call or email away.

We frequently use alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques like mediation to find solutions to real estate conflicts. Attorney Roger Wintle is one of the most successful mediation attorneys in the Bay Area.

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