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You may not be able to avoid litigation over the validity of an estate plan, but you can take steps to protect your rights and find the most acceptable solution available. At The Heritage Law Group, our attorneys have decades of experience practicing estate litigation in California. We represent executors, heirs, creditors and other interested parties in San Jose and throughout the Bay Area.

Reasons for Challenging a Will or Trust

Among the reasons a will can be invalidated are:

  • The will was not properly executed
  • The will was the result of duress — i.e., someone manipulated or threatened the testator into signing it
  • The testator lacked the mental capacity to create or amend their will, often due to mental illness or senility
  • The will is a forgery

A prolonged lawsuit over a will or trust can cost the parties thousands of dollars in legal fees. Worse, they can divide families. Successfully challenging a will or trust can be difficult, requiring diligent investigation and skillful litigation. Everyone involved needs experienced legal representation working for them.

Our goal in every estate litigation case we take is to resolve it in a way that respects our client's rights. We are efficient litigators and negotiators who will save you time and money, whether you are challenging a document in the estate or are serving as the executor.

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