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Heritage Law Group March 20, 2015

Achieve A NewMan with An Empty Pocket Perspective On Options For A Foreclosure

We understand that having mortgage problems or a security deed foreclosure is never a pleasant experience, as it presents a serious threat for homeowners and business owners. If you are having issues with your mortgage due to foreclosure or otherwise, make sure that you speak with a qualified and professional attorney. Because mortgage problems may cause a multitude of issues, we are prepared to help you sort through your troubles with a fresh perspective about your options.

How To Deal With Foreclosure Foes

Many homes and businesses are facing foreclosure due to the fact that real estate values have been slowly declining and the financial crisis in the market that has brought upon no real access to refinancing since the home of business owner may not have any positive equity.

Following The Right Steps

If you are in a position where you have to deal with any type of mortgage issue, it may not be as hopeless as it seems. When being faced with foreclosure there are several options that may help you avoid the foreclosure of your business or home. You may also be able to avoid lasting damage to your credit with the help of a lawyer who knows the right steps to take.

How An Attorney Helps Resolve Mortgage Problems

Advice from an attorney, who specializes in helping clients find relief for mortgage issues, will provide you with many options to explore. Whether you are interested in commercial law, real estate, mortgage lending, alternative dispute resolution, or otherwise, having a law firm that understands and works with these types of services is extremely important when seeking out the most effective representation. A list of examples of these beneficial options that an experienced attorney can assist you with are:

  • Acquiring new collateral to cover equity shortfalls

  • Negotiating for new adjustable rate terms

  • Negotiating payment plans with mortgage lenders

  • Receiving an extension of maturity periods of deed of trust and not with lowering monthly payments

  • Modifying the deed of trust and note with short sale

  • Agreeing to forbearance that suspend collection activities or foreclosure for a certain amount of time

The Benefits of An Attorney

Whether you are a business owner, real estate professional, homeowner, or junior lienholder, gaining the professional guidance of an experienced lawyer will prove very beneficial to you. If you don’t know which step to take next, an attorney will help you determine your options and assist you make the best choice toward a reasonable solution. Because the process may be confusing, complicated and overwhelming, having a lawyer by your side through this difficult time will be absolutely valuable and worthwhile.

Find Mortgage Solutions Today

If you want to avoid any mortgage problems and work through any loan troubles relating to debt forgiveness, deficiency judgments, damaged credit, tax liability or otherwise, our attorneys can be a great asset. To ensure that you have covered all your bases and have made every last effort to resolve your loan and mortgage problems, speak with an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer today.