What is the role of the California Department of Real Estate?

Many professions in California are regulated by the state. This is usually because people put a lot of trust in such professionals and can lose a lot of property if it turns out that the trust is misplaced.

On the other side of the coin, those who want to work in such professions have to obtain a license from the proper regulatory agency and then do what they need to do to keep that license. If their license gets suspended or revoked, it could mean the end of their careers, not to mention their livelihoods.

Many of those who work in real estate, including real estate brokers, must obtain their licenses from the California Department of Real Estate and submit to that agency's supervision.

In this respect, the Department has several rules which those subject to its jurisdiction must follow. These rules are primarily designed to protect customers from unscrupulous or incompetent real estate professionals.

If reas estate agents are accused of breaking one of these rules, the Department may revoke their licenses to practice their trade or may impose other penalties upon them. Prior to taking action, the Department ordinarily will have a hearing to allow the accused to respond to the allegations.

These hearings can make or break a professional's ability to continue working in real estate. If the accusations against her are meritless, then it is almost imperative that the professional defend herself.

Even if a real estate professional has made a mistake, however, it may be possible to negotiate a punishment that lets him stay in business. Consulting with an experienced real estate attorney can be helpful in this respect.

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