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Business People Negotiating a Contract

What You Need to Know About Tortious Interference

The Heritage Law Group  May 16, 2023

In California, businesses are allowed to engage in healthy competition with other businesses, regardless of the industry or market. However, a business is prohibited from engaging in improper or tortious acts that interfere with the existing business relations of other businesses. If a third party wrongfully interferes with your formal agreements or business relationships with another party or entity, you may be entitled to seek relief through a claim or lawsuit. 

At The Heritage Law Group, we’re poised and ready to guide and represent clients in their tortious interference cases. Our experienced California business litigation attorneys can work to understand your unique situation and determine whether you have a claim. In addition, we will fight vigorously to protect your business interests and help you seek relief for any economic harm suffered. Our firm proudly serves clients across San Jose, California, Houston, Texas, and throughout Northern and Southern California. 

Understanding Tortious Interference 

Tortious interference occurs when an individual or business unethically disrupts or interferes with any of your business relationships with the intent to cause economic harm. For example, a third party persuades another business to terminate its relationship with your company, or someone advises a client to pull out of a business deal almost at the final stages. By filing a tortious interference claim, you may be entitled to pursue relief for any economic harm or damages suffered due to the wrongful conduct. 

Types of Tortious Interference 

Here are some common types of tortious interference in California: 

Interference With Existing Contracts  

If there is an existing contract with another party or business entity and a non-contracting party wrongfully interferes with the agreement, you may have a claim against the non-party. To prove interference with existing contract claims, you must show that the third party knows about the existence of a claim, wrongfully interfered with it, and then you suffered economic harm. 

Interference With Prospective Economic Advantage  

Sometimes, business relationships may be established informally or through a handshake. For example, you may be negotiating to buy another company to improve sales and boost revenue. If a third party intentionally interferes with the negotiations, thereby affecting your prospective business relationship, you may have a claim against them. 

Negligent Interference With Prospective Economic Advantage 

In California, you may have a tortious interference claim against a third party who wrongfully or negligently interferes with your prospective business relationship, thereby harming your economic interests. Such negligence is often due to the failure of the non-party to act with care in order to not harm your business relationships. 

An experienced business law attorney can explore your options to seek relief, help file your claims, and seek to establish liability. 

Proving Tortious Interference 

In order to establish a tortious interference claim, you must prove the following elements: 

  • There was a valid contract or informal agreement between you and the other party. 

  • The third-party (defendant) knew that a contract existed. 

  • The defendant deliberately and by wrongful means interfered with your business relationship. 

  • The defendant had the intent to disrupt your business relationship or the performance of the agreement or contract. 

  • You, your business, or your business relations suffered economic harm due to the interference. 

A seasoned lawyer can review every aspect of your case, help prove tortious interference, and attempt to recover your deserved remedy or financial compensation. 

Strong & Knowledgeable Legal Help   

The ramifications of interfering with business relationships can be far-reaching to both the business and the business owner. Thankfully, California laws allow businesses that have suffered economic harm due to tortious interference to seek relief. Therefore, if you need assistance filing a claim or lawsuit for tortious interference, hiring an experienced business litigation attorney is imperative. 

At The Heritage Law Group, our attorneys have the diligence and resources to guide and represent clients in their tortious interference claims. As your legal counsel, we can review the surrounding details of your case and help you understand your possible legal options to pursue a remedy. In addition, we will fight vigorously to protect the interests of your business, hold the non-party accountable for their actions, and help you seek the financial justice you deserve. 

Contact us at The Heritage Law Group today to schedule an initial consultation with a knowledgeable business law attorney. Our reliable team can offer you the highly-personalized legal counsel and reliable representation you need in your case. We proudly serve clients across San Jose, California, Houston, Texas, and throughout Northern and Southern California, as well as Bend County and Montgomery County, Texas.