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A business lawyer should be an important component of a team of professional advisors helping someone with their company. A business lawyer might be someone who is engaged when a company is founded to provide formation advice, but an attorney can also be helpful with ongoing counsel needs. When you establish a business or dedicate your life to growing it, it’s just as important to ensure that you are aware of all potential risks.

There are a lot of options to choose from when selecting a business lawyer, but experience and passion for representing clients and their companies should be at the top of your list for qualities to look for. There’s a lot on the line for you personally, as well as for the future of your business as it relates to your legal interests and concerns. This is why the choice of lawyer matters so much. You work hard to make your business a profitable venture, but without the proper planning, the company could be in financial jeopardy. Exposure to lawsuits, contract disputes, and complex legal concerns related to litigation or securities law can all be threats to your company’s vitality.

General Counsel

It is valuable to have comprehensive advisory and legal services to a broad range of companies that need assistance with complicated legal matters. Some of the most common corporate general counsel services include business transactions, drafting interviewing employment documents, contract review and drafting, risk assessment, and preparation of management training programs.

Business Formation

Whether you are buying a company or just getting started with your own, selecting the right business entity is a vital first step. The entity you choose will depend on numerous different factors and this is why it is so important to speak with a San Jose business lawyer to assist you. The most common business entities include:

  • Corporation

  • Partnership

  • Sole Proprietorship

  • S Corporation

  • Limited liability company



Business Litigation

If you need to pursue a lawsuit against another individual or business, such as an ownership dispute, it is strongly recommended that you consult with an experienced business attorney. An honest appraisal of your case from the outset as well as the identification of possible areas for risk mitigation in the future are just a couple of the services that can be provided by an experienced business attorney.

Corporate and Securities Law

Compliance with state and federal regulations can be complex for startups, entrepreneurs, investors, founders, established companies and shareholders as it relates to a broad range of issues such as private placements, seed financings, angel investments, founder stock issuances, stock and option record keeping, stock transfers and gifts, and mergers and acquisitions. Consulting with a lawyer is strongly recommended.

Employment Law

Businesses can face lawsuits from employees or former employees in the form of wrongful termination allegations, sexual harassment allegations, employer illegal practices allegations and more. Having comprehensive counsel available just a phone call away can help to prevent future problems as well as address current ones effectively.

Technology and Software Licensing

Once an individual has successfully obtained intellectual property rights in the form of a trade secret, copyright or patent, the next question frequently involves licenses. There are multiple legal concerns associated with drafting a license, and having an attorney who has extensive experience in the software arena can be extremely valuable for your business and protecting the property you have created.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Businesses face a broad range of risks, but not all of them have to be resolved through litigation. Many types of alternative dispute resolution are available such as mediation and arbitration. Working directly with an attorney who has experience in this field will help ensure that you get a meaningful resolution in a timely fashion.

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Whether it’s advice to start your business, helping with ongoing needs, or insight in the midst of a conflict like an employment law dispute, you need to know who to turn to. The right lawyers can help you identify risks and mitigate them effectively as well as help when a dispute arises. Don’t wait to communicate with lawyers you trust for the business you have worked so hard to create and build. The Heritage Law Group can help you.