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Business Disputes Attorneys in San Jose, California, and Houston, Texas

When two or more parties or entities are involved in a business transaction or agreement, disputes often arise. Such disagreement may occur due to a breach of contract, shareholder dispute, gross negligence, product liability, confidentiality breach, trade secret misappropriation, and more. If you’re involved in a business dispute and want to understand your resolution options, consulting with an experienced business law attorney is crucial for proper guidance. 

At The Heritage Law Group, we give comprehensive and knowledgeable counsel to clients in business dispute resolution matters. Our team has everything to evaluate every aspect of your specific circumstances and analyze your possible dispute-resolution options. Our trusted team will direct you through the legal steps involved and help you seek the most favorable outcome in your case. 

The Heritage Law Group proudly serves clients across San Jose, California, Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas throughout Northern and Southern California, as well as Fort Bend County and Montgomery County, Texas.

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Common Causes of Business Disputes  

A business dispute occurs when two or more parties involved in a business disagree over various issues, including finances, business operations, contracts, or personal matters. Business disputes are often inevitable over the lifetime of a company. Here are some of the most common causes of business disputes: 

  • Breach of contract 

  • Labor and employment issues 

  • Intellectual property infringement 

  • Disagreement between businesses  

  • Contract dispute  

  • Partnership dispute 

  • Shareholder dispute 

  • Unfair business practices 

  • Breach of Confidentiality 

  • Professional negligence 

  • Breach of non-compete agreements 

  • Trade secrete misappropriation 

  • Fraud 

  • Breach of fiduciary duty

If you’re involved in a business dispute with another person or business, you need to reach out to a wise business law attorney straightaway. Your lawyer can investigate the causes or reasons for the disagreements and help you understand your possible dispute-resolution options. 

What is a Business Contract Dispute? 

Contacts are the backbone of every business relationship. A contract dispute occurs when two or more parties involved in a business contract disagree over the terms and provisions of the agreement. Business contract disputes may also occur when one party to the business agreement is delinquent or fails to fulfill its contractual obligations. 

Common Business Contract Disputes  

Some common business contract disputes include: 

  • Breach of contract 

  • Commercial lease disputes 

  • Company contract breaches 

  • Consumer contracts disputes 

  • Breach of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs): 

  • General material breach 

  • Business-to-business disagreements 

  • Offer and Acceptance 

  • Tortious Interference 

Contract disputes are generally unavoidable. However, resolving such business contract disputes requires evaluating the terms of the original contract, interacting between all the businesses involved, and understanding the interests of each party to the agreement. A trusted business dispute attorney can educate you about the elements of a breach of contract claim and help decide the right legal recourse. 

Elements of Breach of Contract Claim 

The four elements of a breach of contract claim include: 

  • The existence of a legally binding or valid contract. 

  • The performance or tendered performance of the plaintiff. 

  • The material breach by the defendant – failure to perform their contractual obligations. 

  • Damages suffered by the claimant due to the contract breach. 

A trusted attorney can review the details of your case, help prove a breach of contract, or determine the appropriate way to resolve the dispute. 

Resolving a Dispute 

Here are some available options to resolve a business dispute: 

  • Mediation: Mediation requires all parties involved in the business dispute to come together to discuss a feasible resolution. A neutral third party – mediator or mediation attorney – will help negotiate with all disputing parties and facilitate a possible compromise. 

  • Arbitration: Arbitration requires all parties involved in the business dispute to submit testimony and evidence to one or more arbiters. The arbiters will decide the best way to resolve the business disagreements. 

  • Litigation: If the disputing parties are unable to settle the disagreement through mediation or arbitration, they can turn to the court system. A private judge or jury will schedule a hearing to help resolve the issue through a final order. 

  • Dissolution: In the event of a serious disagreement, the company may face possible dissolution. Business dissolution is the legal and formal way to wind up a business. Thus, legally ending the existence of the company or business within the state. 

A seasoned attorney can enlighten you about the benefits and downsides of each business dispute resolution method and guide you through the legal process involved. 

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Navigating commercial disputes often involve several complex processes. Nevertheless, understanding your available dispute resolution options is crucial to determine the appropriate one to pursue. Therefore, when involved in a business dispute, it is imperative for you to work closely with a wise business law attorney for legal assistance and to help you navigate crucial decisions. 

At The Heritage Law Group, we enjoy advising and guiding individuals and entrepreneurs through the complexities involved in business dispute resolution. As your legal team, we can educate you about the benefits and drawbacks of mediation, arbitration, or dissolution and determine the ideal one for your unique situation. Above all, our attorneys will work strategically will all parties involved to settle the dispute peacefully and productively and achieve a fair resolution.

Business Disputes Attorneys Serving San Jose, California, & Houston, Texas

Are you involved in a disagreement with another business or entity? Contact The Heritage Law Group today to arrange a case assessment. Our dedicated lawyers have the clear legal advice, reliable representation, and practice you need to settle your business disputes. We’re proud to serve clients across San Jose, Northern and Southern California, Houston, Fort Bend County, and Montgomery County, Texas.