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At The Heritage Law Group, our attorneys help small businesses and entrepreneurs find the right organizational structure to fit their capital profile, management style and tolerance of risk. For comprehensive advice about California business formation and operations, contact our law firm to learn about your options. 

Our business lawyers serve as general counsel for many real estate brokerage companies and individual real estate agents, property managers, contractors, retailers, real estate developers, small to medium size business and family businesses of all kinds. Most of our business clients have relied on The Heritage Law Group from their initial formation forward, and many find that we’re the only law firm they need to address the full range of their legal needs. 

Starting a corporation or LLC has never been easier, thanks largely to the proliferation of do-it-yourself corporate registration kits and online form libraries. These shortcuts can’t replace the advice of a knowledgeable lawyer, however. No business formation kit downloaded from the Web has ever talked a client through short and long-term business objectives, entrepreneurial risk, or the need to plan against future contingencies or problems through shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, or buy-sell agreements. 

The attorneys of The Heritage Law Group work closely with our new and established business clients to ensure that the selection of an entity form reflects defined goals, can accommodate growth, and is flexible enough to allow for easy amendment as your equity group and management practices might change. 

Once your business is up and running, we can help you with the planning and details of your operations on such matters as:

  • Employment contracts and personnel policies

  • Trade secrets, data confidentiality and other information management problems

  • Contract review and documentation for transactions with vendors and customers

  • Commercial leasing

  • Access to capital through debt or equity issues

  • Regulatory and licensing issues

  • Business financing

  • Ownership or management succession planning

  • Purchase, sale or merger of a business

Whatever type of business you are engaged in, our business attorneys can give you the advice and support you need. Contact The Heritage Law Group in the San Jose area to learn more about our approach to client service in business formation and operations.