Corporate & Securities Law Attorney in San Jose, California

Corporate Lawyers 

Closely held corporations, partnerships, LLCs and professional practice groups of all kinds rely on The Heritage Law Group for advice and representation on a wide range of corporate law issues. To learn how our experience with corporate finance, governance and regulation can benefit your organization, contact us in the San Jose area. 

Examples of the kinds of issues our law firm handles for corporate clients include:

  • Corporate bylaws, amendments, meetings, elections and other governance issues
  • Changes in the equity structure of an organization as participants arrive or depart
  • Corporate management issues
  • Corporate registration and reporting requirements with the SEC or the California Secretary of State
  • Regulatory compliance issues across a range of local, state or federal agencies
  • Access to capital through private placements, convertible debt securities or initial public offerings
  • Advice for investors, venture capital firms and entrepreneurs
  • Overseas and international investment opportunities
  • Advice about directors and officers’ insurance or key man insurance to limit corporate and personal liability
  • Purchase, sale, merger or dissolution of a corporation or partnership

Because our corporate law clients are generally closely held entities capitalized at up to $100 million, we’re rarely asked to guide our clients through public stock issues or SEC statements. Instead, most of our law firm’s corporate work involves organizational and governance issues, capital debt or equity financing problems, and the challenges most businesses face when they enter a new phase of rapid growth or contraction. 

For further information about the scope of The Heritage Law Group’s corporate law practice, contact one of our attorneys in the San Jose area.