General Counsel Services Attorney in San Jose, California

Versatile Counsel for Your Company’s Varied Legal Needs 

Many businesses depend on the attorneys of The Heritage Law Group for advice about all of the legal issues they encounter in business law, real estate law, employment law and other vital areas. To learn how your company can benefit from an ongoing relationship with a law firm that can support a business across a wide spectrum of legal needs, contact us. 

Access to legal advice tailored to specific and continuing business objectives is the most obvious benefit of establishing a general counsel relationship with a law firm that can address most or all of a company’s legal needs. You won’t need to describe your business, its history, its goals and its challenges every time you meet with a lawyer on a new problem or opportunity. 

At The Heritage Law Group, our familiarity with the circumstances and needs of our longstanding business clients helps streamline the delivery of effective legal counsel. Our general counsel clients receive sound advice about the achievement of particular goals without having to consider and reject legally sound but impractical alternatives that just don’t fit the client’s situation. 

The breadth of our experience and the versatility of our practice mean that our lawyers can cover a wide range of a business client’s legal needs. At the same time, our skill and focus mean that you don’t need to sacrifice quality or sophistication in the advice and representation you receive. 

Our general counsel services cover both the legal and practical aspects of such areas of concern as the following:

  • Business formation and transactions
  • Employment law
  • Real estate law
  • Corporate and partnership law
  • Licensing and regulatory compliance
  • Commercial law and relationships with lenders and investors
  • Business litigation
  • Arbitration or mediation of real estate, construction or contract disputes
  • Administrative agency hearings in California land use, employment or professional licensing matters

For additional information about the benefits of a general counsel relationship with The Heritage Law Group, contact us in the San Jose area.