Technology & Software Licensing Attorney in San Jose, California

Technology and Software Licensing 

The high tech industry in Silicon Valley — or anywhere else, for that matter — depends on the ability of its entrepreneurs to bring software and information technology to market on profitable terms that protect the current and ongoing value of a given product or service. At the Heritage Law Group, our lawyers advise entrepreneurs, high tech startups and growing companies throughout the Bay Area about the best ways to maximize the value of their intellectual property through software licensing, distribution, sales and support. Contact us in the San Jose area for additional information about the range of our services. 

Our attorneys work closely with software developers and marketers throughout Northern California to make sure that your licensing and distribution arrangements protect your profits without exposing your company to unacceptable levels of risk or liability. Especially for smaller or newer high tech companies marketing to larger corporations, the traditional power relationship between sellers and buyers is usually reversed. If you’re not careful, you can find yourself at the mercy of your customer. Our attorneys can help you identify and resolve the risks that might lie hidden in a request for proposal or contract terms drafted by someone else. 

Our advice for companies dependent on effective software and technology licensing agreements covers the range of issues from responding to RFPs to such details as source code ownership issues, publicity rights and limitation of liability under warranties or service agreements. 

We also offer general counsel services for emerging high tech companies that need advice about matters ranging from business formation to employment litigation. To learn more about our ability to support the growth and profitability of your business, contact the Heritage Law Group in the San Jose area.