The attorneys of The Heritage Law Group, a P.C. are licensed to practice in any jurisdiction throughout the great state of California, including all federal courts located in California. There are many legal nuances and terms that can be confusing and are often foreign to attorneys/firms who have never practiced in our state. It is highly suggested for out-of-state firms to retain co-counsel for cases they are anticipating to be filed in California.

The Heritage Law Group, a P.C. offers local counsel assistance to out-of-state firms/lawyers who are seeking competent California co-counsel representation for civil litigation or probate/trust cases they plan to file in California. Roger Wintle is well-versed in the relevant California statutes, as well as the procedural rules of court for various counties throughout California.

We offer a range of local counsel assistance, including:

  • 100% hands-on, start-to-finish assistance

  • Drafting of pleadings, mediation statements, contracts, and settlement agreements

  • Appearances for court hearings, mediations/arbitrations, or other meetings

  • Advisory/Counseling assistance

Please contact us today to discuss the specific needs of your client/case and how we may be of assistance.