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“Thanks so much for all your help with my startup. Your guidance and assistance during the launching phase helped me begin my business with confidence. I will share your information with others and refer them to you.”


“Roger, after I interviewed more than ten (10) attorneys regarding my quiet title action and was told that I didn’t have a case I lost hope on finding someone that could help me on my case. The moment I received a call from Roger asking me if I needed help I felt like God sent an angel to help me. After my first consultation with Roger, I started to believe that honest lawyers do exist. It is very difficult to find an honest lawyer that really wants to help you solve your problems. I hired Roger to help me fight for my part ownership of my property. You guided me along the way, explained the litigation process to me, and settled my case so that I was able to get my ownership interest. I went from having no case to getting a settlement over $300,000. I am forever grateful and can now move on. These are the lawyers you need when you are facing a big problem”


"what a breath of fresh air! Thank you so much for guiding me, educating me, and coaching me through this process."


"I was facing an estate claim from the Ca Department of Health Care Services, after my mother died, that I could not afford to pay. You successfully helped fight a denial of hardship waiver on appeal and got the claim waived. Thank you so much."


"A disgruntled client wrongfully filed a claim against my bond and filed a complaint with the CSLB. I knew I had done nothing wrong but was terrified I was going to lose my contractor’s license and get a hit on my bond. You successfully defended my license and bond claim and both claims were denied on the grounds that there was no merit. Thank you for saving my license and proving I had done nothing wrong.”


"I am very pleased with the legal advice that I have received through The Heritage Law Group, working with them regarding my new business venture and forming an LLC. I feel this firm has my best interest at heart, always available to answer all my questions and responding promptly. I would definitely recommend using this firm for future endeavors regarding legal advice, they make you feel you are not just a number in a big law firm, but that you are just as important as any other client no matter what legal advice it is that you are seeking. I look forward to maintaining a legal relationship with Heritage Law Group for myself and my family regarding all my legal matters in future."


"Over the last 9 years in real estate, I have called on The Heritage Law Group and specifically Roger Wintle for legal advice regarding various real estate matters. My questions have been wide ranging and their experience has been complete in all the unique situations I have presented them with. Whether it was pre-foreclosure questions, title questions, tenant rights, or contract interpretation, their responses have always been thorough and supportive of my clients' needs. I have taken classes offered by Roger Wintle and have built my own confidence around real estate issues through his knowledge and experience. He has provided several consultations and legal documents to help me protect my clients in unique real estate positions. All this they do with patience, tenacity, and complete professionalism. I highly recommend The Heritage Law Group for their many talents and continued service and support."


"The Heritage Law Group makes you feel a part of their family and are genuinely concerned about your legal matters. In my case, they explained the issue, devised a roadmap and we went from there. Not only are they knowledgeable, but everyone at Heritage Law Group is very courteous when dealing with clients; something I truly appreciated. I can honestly say that I will be coming to them with any future legal matters."


"We were referred to The Heritage Law Group by a very well respected business associate. After using the services of two other law firms, who basically told us we had no case, we found that the third time is a charm, as they say. The hard work and dedication Mr. Wintle devoted to our case resulted in our litigation ending favorably. They are dedicated to their clients 100%. We admire and respect the integrity of their law firm and have been extremely satisfied with their professionalism. We are clients for life!"


"I have used Roger Wintle as our company Attorney for more than 20 years. Even though we do our best to communicate clearly we have been involved in what worked out to be frivolous law suits. Over 20 years there have been 3 of these suits and Roger handled each one and each case was dismissed. Roger knows law but he also knows how to communicate and how to determine right from wrong and how get to the real facts. Roger communicates clearly, effectively, and with authority. I highly recommend Roger and The Heritage Law Group."


“The tree is gone and the fence is perfect. I’m at peace finally after nine years. Thank you for your help and efforts to get me to this day.”


“Thank you for helping me resolve my dispute with one of my neighbors without the need for litigation. Your advice helped me resolve the case quickly.”


Thank you to your staff and to you for so graciously helping me with the parking meter change and with the legal letter served. God Bless