Roger Wintle

Roger Wintle has more than thirty years of experience in practice as an attorney and partner. As the founding shareholder of the Heritage Law Group, he firmly believes in identifying all possible solutions for clients and working hard for the best possible outcome.

Maria Relos

Maria Relos has earned a reputation as a client-focused, hardworking attorney for individuals and companies in need of help with real estate transactions, estate planning, contract review and civil litigation. She has significant experience seeing numerous cases through completion with positive outcomes.

Cynthia Aguilar

Cynthia graduated from Heald Business College and has been a paralegal for 24 years. She has extensive experience in multiple practice areas of the law going that extend farther than even what is practiced at the Heritage Law Group.

Ben Wintle

Office Manager/ Legal Assistant
Ben has been the office manager and accountant fro the Heritage Law Group for 16 years and recently began attending law school to become a lawyer. But in addition to the responsibilities of his titles, he also serves as a legal assistant when the need arises.