Probate Attorney in San Jose, California

The probate attorneys of the Heritage Law Group offer dependable and cost-effective counsel for executors, administrators, guardians, conservators and trustees in our area. We represent both local clients and people from other states with California probate responsibilities. To learn about the range of our trusts and estates practice, contact us at either of our two locations. 

Because many of our estate planning clients choose to keep their assets out of probate to the greatest extent possible through living trusts, the probate of wills we’ve prepared ourselves rarely takes much time or generates much expense through the entire estate administration process. 

In situations where a will transfers property of substantial value, we can take care of the full range of the executor’s duties, from notice to heirs and creditors to tax returns and final accounting. 

We also handle intestate estates, trusts, and situations such as sales of real estate under probate court supervision. Sometimes we need to correct errors in the management of living trusts during life, such as the common situation of a homestead that was transferred out of trust for the sake of a mortgage refinancing transaction but never transferred back. Our efficient approach to probate matters is intended to save our clients time, money and stress with respect to the administration of trusts and estates. To learn more about our probate practice, contact us in the San Jose area.