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Trust Administration Assistance in the Bay Area

The duty of distributing the contents of a trust to the beneficiaries, or maintaining the value of the property for the beneficiaries' benefit, falls to the trustee. As a trustee, you can turn to the attorneys at The Heritage Law Group for legal advice and administrative assistance backed by our more than 40 years of experience practicing estates and trusts law in San Jose, California. We will help you dispose of your duties accurately, efficiently and with minimal risk of conflict.

A Seasoned Trust Administration Law Firm

People use revocable living trusts and other types of trusts to keep large portions of their estates out of probate. This saves a great deal of time and expense once they pass away and it comes time to settle their estate. As the trust administrator, you are not supervised by the probate court. But you still must follow specific procedures in a timely manner. And if a dispute arises between one or more of the beneficiaries or an outside party, it is up to you to resolve it.

Fortunately, you do not have to take on this task alone. One of our trust administration attorneys will advise you of your rights and duties as trustee, and lay out the process for you in plain language. Your attorney will work with you to make sure the assets are distributed according to the decedent's wishes, and that you are properly compensated for your efforts.

Resolving Trust Litigation

Most of the time, trust administration goes smoothly. But it is possible that someone will challenge the validity of the trust, often because they are not satisfied with some or all of its terms. If this occurs, we will represent your interests in court. We are highly qualified litigators who always seek the solution that will save the estate as much money as possible while also respecting the law and the decedent's intentions.

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To learn more about our trust administration services, contact The Heritage Law Group for a free 30 minute telephone consultation with one of our lawyers. Se habla español. Trust Administration Assistance in the Bay Area