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An estate plan is an extremely important component for preparing for the future for you as well as your loved ones. An essential part of this process in California is identifying that you have sought out the appropriate legal representation for your wills and trusts. One day these crucial documents will govern your personal desires, the passing on of your assets as well as guardianship issues. In fact, these documents are the only voice that carries forward your final wishes after you pass away. You will not be able to instruct your loved ones or the court system in San Jose how you intend your assets to be distributed or who you would like to step in as guardian of any minor children. This is why it is essential to hire an experienced San Jose wills and trusts lawyer to assist you with this process well in advance.

You need someone who has extensive experience in this field who can assist you with the various steps involved and the forms necessary to articulate your final wishes clearly and legally.

Our San Jose estate planning attorneys are prepared to address your concerns and to identify solutions that will put your mind at ease and give you confidence that your concerns are being articulated appropriately. No matter what concerns you have regarding wills or trusts, identifying a lawyer who can help you with this process will be an important first step. We have developed a reputation in the San Jose area for providing comprehensive and personalized support to clients just like you.  



Estate and Trust Disputes

Although planning ahead should always focus on minimizing the potential for disputes entirely, this is not always an option. When there’s confusion about someone’s intentions or a belief that someone was unfairly influenced, estate disputes can emerge. The right help from a knowledgeable San Jose lawyer can go a long way towards addressing these complex and very important concerns.

The legal system for estate administration and probate in California is geared to allow for a relatively streamlined process to pass on your assets. When this does not work as intended, or when a will or trust has been created by someone who lacks the capacity to know what they want and what they are agreeing to you may have grounds to pursue an estate or trust dispute. The same rules apply in situations when someone is coerced into a document that overrides his or her free will to decide.

An estate dispute might be the most appropriate option for someone who wishes to use the courts to seek justice and fairness that you deserve and apply the correct laws to protect you as the rightful heir. Probate trust and estate litigation is a complex and specialized area of the law, but the right lawyer can make a difference.

The majority of litigated cases in this area require multiple complaints and petitions on different but still connected subjects such as undue influence claims, financial elder abuse, probate procedures, creditors' claims and incapacity issues.

To successfully navigate a comprehensive and complex case such as these, it is essential to work directly with an attorney who has extensive experience in order to apply all relevant California laws as they relate to wills, estates, trusts and probate. Knowing that you are working with an attorney who has extensive experience in this field can give you a great deal of peace of mind when you have a question or concern about the way that a trust, estate or a will is being handled.

Don’t wait too long and make things more difficult for everyone involved in the dispute. Get legal help right away to manage conflicts effectively.


Whether it’s planning ahead for your own future or getting help with a complex estate planning conflict, knowing where to turn is important. Time is of the essence with both issues and knowing that you have a dedicated legal team with years of experience helping others can give you peace of mind about critical planning concerns. Don’t wait to get your questions answered when you need assistance with estate planning and dispute issues. A lawyer offers experience, communication, and the comfort in knowing that your plans are in line with applicable state and federal laws.